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James Bond – 007 – Aston Martin DB5

Introducing the Aston Martin DB5, appearing in the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall. Just last week, James Bond celebrated its 50th year in action by auctioning off memorabilia at Christie’s in London. Some items included the Aston Martin DBS used in Quantum of Solance, swim trunks worn by Daniel Craig from Casino Royale, and a few items also worn by Mr. Craig from Skyfall such as the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean and a wool Tom Ford suit. We can assume that the Aston Martin DB5 will be auctioned off in the near future as well, but how much would it be? It’s no doubt that Aston Martin covers every inch of detail when designing and engineering their automobiles. The DB5 found its place in car enthusiast’s hearts when it debuted in 1964 and it is still one of the most iconic cars ever produced. If you are interested in the role of Aston Martin in some of the 007 films, check out their site here.

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If you ever wanted to be like James Bond and his extreme taste in luxury, well, you can begin by looking into Globe-Trotter’s collection for the new James Bond film, SKYFALL. Limited to just 100 globally, you can purchase it online. These leather bags and suit cases/rifle cases range from about $100 to $8000 USD.

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TUMI’s Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attache Briefcase

Talk about James Bond… TUMI, the world’s leading brand in luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories has created the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché. It took TUMI two years of research and development, including rounds from a .22 Long and .38 Special. This heavy duty briefcase is packed with a highly resistant structure, Tegris–a polypropylene thermoplastic composite (created by Milliken, a company that uses the material in protective gear for NFL players, NASCAR drivers, and military personnel), premium leather, chrome hardware, suede interior, and a hidden compartment for all your “secret” documents. You must be packing real heat if you can afford this US $6,000 briefcase, limited to only 28 pieces.

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